Monday, October 3, 2011

clicks in kalakshetra( part-2)

Guys as  I already told you  this is my first visit in kalakshekthra.. I never seen before, huge area covered with trees in besant nagar..

I didn’t expect this place to be so quiet.. 

Its remember me Chennai IIT campus. When I reached there, The KATHAKALAI dance programme  has started already.

The security person came near me and said  “Sir please switch of the cell phone or else put it in  silent mode. 

I didn’t get the seriousness of the security’s words.. 

I realized it when 150 people watching the programme without any noise. 

There were lots of teen age babes in half saree sitting on the floor in front of the stage, leaving the chairs for the aged people.. 

the katakali dance is only expresions in face . thats why  i have taken lot of exprisions and the photos are here , for your views




  1. Nice Stills!!!
    Keep going!!

    Pls bring the jackie's thamizh website link on right top side as same you did in

    Thanks :)

    Keep rocking!!

  2. Nice Anna..... Keep on rocking!!!

  3. JAckie, Best wishes for this second blog.
    Nice pictures.

  4. Very Nice photos Jackie, I like your Tamil blog, my best wishes for the English blog, hope you will give always the best one. keep rocking. priyamudan Sundar Raj.G, E-city, Bangalore.