Wednesday, October 12, 2011


After a long time got a call from an old friend… as everyone knows talk was about our workplace and then came into our friends and their gossips…

After a while the talk ended up with the  family details… she was enquiring about yazhini and about my hubby… and I enquired about her’s… as I said before she is my old friend, hence she very well knew about my other family members too..

One of my cousin is going to get married so I was telling her about that.. (In the mean while to add about my cousin, he and my own brother are like my eyes.. dialogues apart they are very close to me and so i..) and she asked me whether I am getting angry with him like before and about my fights with my brothers.. I just smiled without knowing that I am talking with her in the phone… and the call ended after hours…

After I spoke to her, i realised how much I have changed… now a days I never get calls from my brother and my cousin and the worst part is my cousin didn’t even pick my calls for about twice or thrice when I called… I was wondering that how come I didn’t get angry on them… coz I used to get angry very often with them for silly reasons.. When my cousin didn’t  picked my call it affected me very much but I didn’t get angry on him..

Y so?? That's the biggest question for me now???? I thought about this lying down in my bed for hours and I realized the truth that I have become matured in a way that I should not lose people by finding faults with them.  And I don’t want to lose my cousin.

Slept, after realized y this maturity didn’t come before so that I would have not missed many….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Sorry for all those who I have missed without realizing your values, and  left you because of finding faults… hope this will be there in all of our minds...




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  2. Dear mrs & mr jackie

    just now read the post
    i am not here to advice but just as a friend to point out / remember the tamil adage
    "kuttram paarkin suttram illai"

    it is my character / subhavam enakku ellorum vendum athanal naan pala vizhayingalil submissive agavey poyirukkiraen for which one of my close friend scolded me many times for the above reason enna seivathu naan appadithaan. no body is perfect. thanks
    sundar g

  3. nice post.&said right ,finding faults keeps away us from our beloved one.

  4. Whos that cousin? Solu thookiduvom ;-)
    May be he s going thru some prob n thats y he was not able to pick ur call! :)

  5. True fact pressing the red button wen someone calling is easy.but seeing the "number busy" or hearing "the person u've called is busy" is painful

  6. Sometimes i also feel like "y this maturity didn’t come before so that I would have not missed many" -nice thought and nice post Madam.

  7. Good one..completely agree with u.......

  8. Good one..completely agree with u....

  9. nice thought & i second Mr.Ganesh...
    I apologize to all those whom i ignored or fought for silly things...
    Thanks for sharing Mrs.Jackie :)

  10. very nice... Time and love are the only factors which changes us! Thank u madam!